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Monique Abrams is a Writer, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Practitioner and Soul Astrologist. For over a decade, Monique has helped many people reconcile with their past and nurture a future in alignment with who they are and how they best thrive in life.
Astrology & Mentoring Services:

Introductory 60 minute Phone Call – $25  (offered to 1st time clients only) 

Single 60-minute Phone Call – $50

Karma Reading – Soul Astrology – $99 This service targets the most important lessons for you to learn in this lifetime. You will receive a hand-typed and personalized interpretation of your birth chart’s most important connections and placements by a Master Soul Astrologist. (approximately 3-5 pages) You will receive email correspondence to answer your questions.

Complete Birth Chart Reading & Mentoring – $199 A Past, Present & Future Reading.
The only birth chart reading you will ever need!  You will receive a hand-typed and personalized interpretation of your complete soul astrology by a Master Soul Astrologist. (approximately 7-12 pages) In soul astrology, we learn our life’s lessons, our karma, our purpose and our highest calling in life. We learn how to reconcile our past so we can step on to our path for a better future. You will receive 1-hour of mentoring through a zoom call or email correspondence (your choice).

What is Esoteric (Soul) Astrology?

Simply put, Esoteric Astrology is the astrology of the Soul.

While traditional astrology focuses on the personality and aspects of our lives such as relationships, money, career, character traits, and more, Esoteric Astrology focuses on the reason we come to earth, and the important spiritual lessons we are here to learn. It is mysterious and complex, but the more you delve into it, the more fascinating it becomes.

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