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Quick Read Bio:  Monique Abrams is a Certified Life Coach with an emphasis on Self-Work, Spiritual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Karma Healing. Her blend of coaching involves Shamanic techniques, Jungian psychology, Energy/Vibration and Neuroscience. Monique is an eternal student of all branches of philosophy with a preference of study towards ethics, epistemology, logic and metaphysics.

“I truly believe EVERY PERSON IS BORN WITH A UNIQUE SET OF PERSONAL GIFTS and qualities which assists them in achieving their life’s passion and purpose. I hope that some of the knowledge I have acquired over the course of 15 years can help others to acquire the needed movement to transform their lives. Every person is meant to add to the world. We only need to discover what it is and figure out how to do it!”

~Monique Abrams


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