Empathy and Weight Gain

In the “spiritual community” there’s a permeating false idea floating around that to be spiritual means to look like a supermodel. Maybe it’s the frenzy with social media spirituality (who’s the most popular and 100% raw?!), but it seems our societal obsession with perfection has lead us to believe that if we don’t look a certain way, we’re just not spiritual enough (as if women need one more thing to feel guilty about)

Some of the most tuned-in, loving, wise, altruistic people I know carry a few extra pounds. Many of my clients who have extreme empathic/psychic abilities almost universally struggle with weight gain and/or health issues. This is due to the way their body translates the energy of others around them.

Author: Monique Abrams

Monique Abrams is a Spiritual Coach with an emphasis on Self-Work, Spiritual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Karma Healing. Her blend of coaching involves Shamanic techniques, Jungian psychology, Energy/Vibration and Neuroscience. Monique is an eternal student of all branches of philosophy with a preference of study towards ethics, epistemology, logic and metaphysics.

2 thoughts on “Empathy and Weight Gain”

  1. As an empath, and a chunky butt empath, I decided years ago ‘no more diets!’ I also decided it was my job to seek a healthy weight – regardless of what that looks like, it had to be what feels right. There is a difference between carrying some weight and an eating disorder. Lots of people carry extra weight and don’t have an eating disorder. I had an eating disorder which has been a challenge to learn about and understand so that I could eat true to my health. As an empath I have had a high level of awareness of other people’s ‘stuff’ and my ability to feel their stuff. This has been an overwhelming challenge. Much esoteric explanations are effectively keeping empaths trapped in ‘having to’ or ‘that’s just how it is’. Incorrect.
    My learnings:
    1. Use Mindfulness techniques (including short minutes of Mindfulness) to get to know your own stuff and draw a loving line between yourself and others.
    2. Work out what you deny, suppress, repress, fear, hate of your own stuff (for me it was terror of my burning hateful murderous rage at ‘life’ and all that comes with it – this projected into a fear of other people’s anger/rage and I used people pleasing strategies to protect myself from their stuff AND my stuff)).
    3. Have a rest, carrying everyone else’s stuff can sometimes be more about denying your own stuff than about them and is exhausting!
    4. Trust yourself.
    5. Pay attention to you mind body spirit – listen!
    6. Learn self-kindness.
    7. Forgive yourself your humanity.
    8. There is no only one way. I have a strong sense of spirituality and a positive understanding of psychology. I am not a psychologist because I don’t believe in the limitations of the ‘science’ of psychology.
    9. Tomorrow I might learn something that changes everything and that’s ok.
    Love and kindness
    Elly 😊

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